Latest – Covid-19: Ready For Your Shoot

Updated 29th June 2020:

I am in good health and available to work on all projects. I have changed my operations in order to observe correct social-distancing procedure, including the following:

Daily temperature checks before shoot as part of continuous health monitoring

Meticulous kit clean with Isopropanol alcohol before each day’s work

Plentiful PPE for a range of situations, including fully filtered masks, hand sanitiser and cotton and nitrite gloves

Wireless director’s monitor with audio feed, handed over in sterile state at beginning of day ready to go all day

Full Metropolitan Police Press Pass for access to sensitive areas

“Turn up and shoot” – my own complete one-man kit and vehicle, working entirely solo to your brief or as part of the usual larger team. Even before the pandemic I had plentiful experience shooting in the UK for overseas Production Companies needing footage from the UK, so feel in a good position to be able to continue this service in a time where air travel is severely restricted.

I have a range of ways to get your rushes to you. My current protocol is to back up to SSD, then package either the SSD or the original camera media using fresh gloves, in a small hard case; sterilise the case with Isopropanol; put the case inside a ziplock bag and sterilise the bag; before handing over to production on the day or before personal delivery to your workspace. We can also utilise high speed upload directly from my home NAS RAID drive.

I have now completed training in the latest safe working practices in the Film and Television Industry in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Please contact me if you have any further questions