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Just a few weeks before I take delivery of my new VW Transporter T6. One thing I wish I could change about this vehicle is the height. at 1m99 (the lowest available height) it’s going to be 5cm taller than my ever-reliable old T4 Caravelle.

As an exercise to see whether it was worth getting the springs lowered, I made some maps up from (around Westminster, the West End, Holborn and the City) and added maximum heights to check there would still be accessible multi-storeys not too far away. I’ve added them to the blog as they might be of use to T6 drivers or other shoot planners.

Heights in blue are accessible to T6s (or blue “none”, not the wine but no height restriction.)
Heights in pink are not accessible to T6s, although were fine in the old T4
Heights in red are not accessible for either. A red dash is where height restriction info is not available.

(prices are for a 2 hour stay on a Friday afternoon)

Much of 2015 was spent shooting the four part ZCZ Films production “The Renaissance Unchained” for BBC4, directed and presented by Waldemar Januszszak. It is showing through February and March 2016.

Out-take from the recent BBC documentary “The Dark Ages” from ZCZ Films, here’s something I shot on a PDW-700 at the Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre: Michael Levy on his Lyre. Nadine Richardson recorded the sound.

On set for One Darnley Road, making a trailer for  Conn Iggulden’s new book “Stormbird”. Shot on a Sony F3 with Angineux zooms.